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Real Estate Agents

Whether you are helping your client buy or sell their home I can help. Simplifying the process of moving for you and your client benefits everyone.


Decluttered & clean homes sell faster!

Let's Work Together To Make The Process Easier For Your Client


As a real estate professional, you are working with clients as they prepare for a move. Whether they are buying or selling, moving is stressful. My goal is to help you ease that stress for your clients and create a lasting impression that ensures you are the only agent they’ll ever want to work with and refer to.



I can help your clients with:

Decluttering before they hit the market

Removing personal belongings 

Packing items that won't be needed until after the move

Each Package Includes:

A no judgment experience 

A phone or video consultation to answer all of their questions

Removal of donations and/or garbage following each session

Assistance in coordination of large donation pickups 

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quick start

Clean sweep

get it done

deep dive

What Clients Are Saying

quick start

clean sweep

get it done

deep dive

Dani is a patient and understanding coach who gently guides you through the process of letting go. She helped me with a difficult purge full of emotional attachments and memories of a chapter in my life I was closing. This has had a lasting effect and the purging in other areas has continued on my own. She made it easy for me to let go. It was freeing!

~Liz H.~