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Welcome to the Imperfectly Tidy Membership Community!

Join us inside ITMC to get the clutter-free home you've always wanted.

Image by Minh Pham

ITMC is right for you if you want to: 

Enjoy a tidy & clutter-free home

Create sustainable systems & habits

Break the cycle of accumulation 

Have support & accountability while decluttering

Spend less time decluttering with better results

Can't I Do This On My Own?

Yes, but looking online and on social media for all of that information is overwhelming. 

Inside the Imperfectly Tidy Membership Community you have a roadmap, a coach & a private (off Facebook) community. 

What's Included?

Monthly Decluttering Workshop

Monthly Decluttering Checklist 

Live Coaching + Q&A w/Dani

Community (Off Facebook)

15% Discount on Decluttering Sessions

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$15 per month

Monthly Membership

$150 per year

Annual Membership

Join Membership

What Members Are Saying

Dani provides a community of support. This private group allows you to chat with Dani and the other members, and share what’s going on with you. From paper clutter to clothes, home office, whatever it is you need to tackle, Dani will help you tidy up, and get to the root of how you got so messy to begin with (and how to not slip back into disorganization).

~Anne M.~

Dani is full of practical, simple, and no-nonsense strategies to help simplify life. The ITMC membership was PACKED with incredible value, from the well organized lessons, and the easy-to-use suggestions, to the ongoing community and coaching support she offers. I highly recommend this membership to anyone who is ready to implement some action steps to declutter their life and create more simplicity and ease in the future!

~Raquel M.~

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