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Moving Services

It takes an incredible amount of energy to prep and plan for a move, especially if you are selling your home at the same time. Hire a Professional Organizer to help!

Decluttered & Clean Homes Sell Faster!

Decluttering your home before putting it on the market will have a huge impact on potential buyers. It will dramatically improve your marketing photos & make each room feel bigger, cleaner & more inviting.



Occupied Staging

Pre-Listing Prep 

Unpacking & Organization 

Investment starts at $300

quick start

Clean sweep

get it done

deep dive

If you are a Realtor looking to help your clients with their decluttering before putting their house on the market let's connect!

What Clients Are Saying

Dani is a patient and understanding coach who gently guides you through the process of letting go. She helped me with a difficult purge full of emotional attachments and memories of a chapter in my life I was closing. This has had a lasting effect and the purging in other areas has continued on my own. She made it easy for me to let go. It was freeing!

~Liz H.~

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