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  • Dani Sticka

3 Basics of a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are a collection of your favorite pieces of clothing that ideally coordinate well together in both color and style. A capsule wardrobe should flow into each season with minimal adjustments and storage of non-season clothing. Men, women and children, can benefit from incorporating this system into their closets, it is a universal concept that can benefit everyone. Capsule wardrobes are integral in creating simple and easy ways to get dressed. Ideally your capsule will include these 3 items:

  1. Pieces that fit your current body type.

  2. Clothing appropriate for your current season of life.

  3. Your favorite items to wear and make you feel great

Item #1 - Pieces that fit your current body type

Please do not have anything in your closet that does not fit your current body type. Holding onto clothes that are too big or too small is a sign that you are not fully accepting where you are right now. You shouldn’t be wearing clothes that you don’t fit you, big or small, style is all about proper fit. If you are wearing clothes that don’t fit you it will be apparent to anyone you are interacting with. You’ll be tugging and pulling and adjusting and come across as quite uncomfortable. Bottom line, if you are holding onto anything that does not fit you right now, let it go, those items are no longer serving you and taking up valuable space.

Item #2 - Clothing appropriate for your current season of life

Whatever season of life you are currently in is the clothing you need to have as part of your capsule. If you are working outside of the home, working from home or working as a stay at home parent you need to have your capsule reflect that current season. Due to covid I know some of our current working situations are temporary and those of you working from home do intend to return to an office at some point in the future. The advice I would give for those situations is to launder and store those professional pieces for that future date. Our closets are the home for our current season of life. Just like we put away our Christmas decorations after that season, we need to be treating our closets in the same way.

Item #3 - Your favorite items to wear and make you feel great

Clothes are a necessary aspect to our culture. It is assumed that we will be dressed when out and about in the world, why not have that clothing be reflective of who you are and makes you feel great. When you are wearing something that gives you that badass feeling you hold yourself in a different way. Those are the clothes that should live in your capsule. Anything that doesn’t give you that feeling should move on, you don’t have the time or the room for that in your closet. It can take a few tries to really nail down your specific style and that is okay. Have some fun with it, building a capsule wardrobe is all about you and your needs. There is no perfect formula, I don’t think everyone should have a white button up shirt, but a killer pair of pants or jacket you love to wear, yes!

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