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  • Dani Sticka

3 Tips to Creating a Simple Wardrobe

Creating a simple wardrobe is a form of self love and care you give yourself daily. You don’t need to feel frustrated when you get dressed and disliking all of your clothes doesn’t need to be the status quo. You have the ability to change that story and adopting a simple wardrobe could be your solution. Imagine walking towards your closet, opening the door and feeling an immense sense of gratitude and love for the items hanging there. If this is sounding a little too whimsical and dreamy, hang with me. Behind the fluffy feelings I am trying to conjure up for you is a real need for us to bring some simplicity into our lives. Typically our days begin by getting dressed and that brings us to our closet.

Let’s think about this way, how would you feel walking into a clothing store and finding clothes strewn about the floor, piles of returns overflowing and shoes in a heap for you to dig through? This isn’t an appealing visual, yet many of our closets look like this. Do you have a laundry hamper that is overflowing? What about shoes left out wherever you kicked them off? Essentially, you are shopping your closet daily. This process can be enjoyable, simple and easy for you to maintain. The best way to achieve that simplicity is to create a simple wardrobe that you can implement and sustain. How do you do that, where do you start?

These are my top 3 tips to help people get started with a simpler wardrobe.

  • The easiest place to start is with the clothing you can clear out immediately. I recommend purging anything you don’t like and never wear. Get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit you and you find uncomfortable. Finally, let go of any clothing that is stained and has holes.

  • From what you have left pull out the clothing appropriate for the season you are in and put that back into your closet. Pack away anything you know you won’t be wearing this season.

  • Pay attention to what you are wearing and what you aren’t. After a few weeks of never picking a certain top or pair of pants take a minute to question why you haven’t worn it. I recommend pulling those items and packing them away, more than likely you’ll end up letting them go.

Creating a simple wardrobe was the catalyst I needed to jump start my way into simplicity. Perhaps it’ll be the same for you, or it can be as simple as a great system to make getting dressed a snap. Either way if you are finding yourself frustrated each morning while getting ready for the day, why not try a simple wardrobe?

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