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5 Ways You Can Begin To Simplify This Weekend

You aren’t going to simplify everything in your life in one weekend, but you can get started. Simplifying isn’t all about what you want to remove, it’s about getting clear on the things you value and then making them the priority. When you think of simplifying what comes to mind for you? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in your home? Is it your to do list that feels never-ending? What about your commitments and obligations, are you drowning in them? Greg McKeown says regularly on his podcast, “If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.” Are you the one currently in the driver's seat of your life or are you a passenger letting other people dictate your days? If you have had enough I’d like to suggest a few things you can implement this weekend to start simplifying. Trying to do all of these in one weekend might be too much, I am going to suggest you pick one or two.

Simplify Your Closet

Purge - Clear out your closet and drawers of anything that isn’t serving you. Let go of clothing that you don’t like, anything worn out and anything that doesn’t fit you anymore. If possible, let go of uncomfortable shoes, life is too short.

Put Away - Pack away your clothing that isn’t being worn this season. If you are not currently wearing it, get it out of the way so it isn’t taking up physical or mental space.

Pick your favorites - Pick your favorite pieces of clothing and create a few favorite outfits. Ideally your entire closet would only have your favorite things, but this is the beginning phase and it can take time to really dial in your favorite pieces.

Turn Off Notifications

Turning notifications off on your phone can feel tough at first, the fear of missing out is real. There is a lot of science to back up the benefits of turning off notifications on your phone; better concentration, lower anxiety and one of the most important, being present in your life. I have all notifications on my phone off, the only thing that comes through are text messages and phone calls. If you can’t turn off notifications indefinitely, perhaps you can institute a rule that you turn them off on the weekends? In the evenings? Give yourself some boundaries when it comes to your phone.

Take Something Off Your Calendar

Sit down and look at your calendar for next week, is there anything you can remove? I understand the importance of being dependable and being a person people can go to when they need help, guidance or support. You want to be a good friend, parent, child, sibling, neighbor. I also understand that if you are feeling regularly overwhelmed with your calendar it is time to start making some hard choices. If there isn’t anything you can take off of your calendar next week, I’m going to suggest you make a point to not add anything to your calendar. Keep it as it is currently, without adding anything else.


Automate as many of the routine tasks in your day as possible. Schedule your bills to be paid automatically, put your regular purchases on an auto subscription with Amazon and have an automatic rotation for your dinner menu. Automating routine decisions and chores will free up your time for deeper work, time with your family or just some white space to breath without a to do list breathing down your neck.

Take A Break

Do you have a break planned for this weekend? Take a moment right now and choose a time that you are going to take a break and breath. Imagine it, taking an hour (maybe even 2!) to rediscover a hobby you haven’t had time for, to explore a local hiking spot or make a pot of tea and read a book you’ve been longing to dive into. Taking regular breaks are vital to our mental and physical health. Many of us have taken on additional roles this last year and I urge you to make sure you are taking some moments for yourself throughout the week.

The process of simplifying your life will take time. I hope over the next couple of days you’ll be able to evaluate where you would like to simplify. If I can be of any support to you don’t hesitate to reach out, I understand the complexity of simplifying, but I also know the rewards. I am happy to help you reach your simplifying goals. You can email me at or find me on Instagram @imperfectlytidy

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