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  • Dani Sticka

Combat Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is the theory that our ability to make decisions can worsen as we continuously make decisions throughout the day. From the moment you wake up until the time you go to bed there are decisions to be made. Whether it is deciding what to wear in the morning to what you are going to do for dinner, you can’t escape making a choice. Reducing the amount of decisions you have to make in a day can contribute greatly to simplifying your life and combatting decision fatigue. Here are some ways you can start to combat decision fatigue in your own life.

You Need A Daily Routine

Establishing routines and setting up habits will simplify your choices throughout the day. Set a regular bedtime and wake up time stick with it. Do you struggle with deciding whether or not to exercise? Create a schedule of the days you’ll exercise and your off days. Pick a day of the week where you create your meal plan and in addition choose some simple breakfast and lunch ideas so you aren’t making those choices every day. Set your clothes out the night before and have your coffee pot prepped and ready to go. These simple steps can help streamline your days and ward off mental fatigue as the day goes on.

Make A List

Whether it is a shopping list to keep you on track at the grocery store or a to-do list so you don’t forget to schedule your oil change, making a list will curb your decision fatigue. By creating a list you have already predetermined what needs to be done and now you can focus on the task at hand. The goal isn’t to accomplish everything on the list every day, but more so to give you some guideposts throughout your day.

Give Yourself A Deadline

Some decisions are easy to make but there are bigger decisions that require a little time and attention. Create a system for the weightier decisions you have to make and set a deadline. It is important we give those decisions the appropriate time needed but we don’t want to fall into an overthinking trap. The longer things roll around in your mind undecided, the more attention and energy you are giving them. By having a decision making process and giving yourself a deadline you’ll be able to feel confident in what you have decided.


Are there areas in your life where you can simplify? What are your current obligations and where could you cut back? Giving yourself some blank space throughout your week will give you the opportunity to slow down and check in with yourself. While having the small decisions run on autopilot can be freeing, you don’t want your entire life to be on autopilot. It is important you give yourself the time and space to sit down and evaluate how you are spending your days. When you are able to regularly evaluate the decisions are you making you can begin to trust yourself and your decisions.

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