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Donate & Recycle Guide

I've been having a lot of conversations around donations. The clients I've spoken with are concerned about what should be donated, how to donate responsibly, and where to take their donations. Having to make that many decisions can be a roadblock for a lot of people when it comes to decluttering their homes. Luckily there are a lot of options!


Only donate clothes that are in good condition.

If it is worn out or stained it is of no use to another person.

Shelters- Many are looking for coats, hats, jeans, and shoes. A quick Google search of local shelters will give you a list and how to donate.

Non-Profit Thrift Stores- There are lots of local non-profit thrift stores that benefit various causes. I just found one this morning that generates income to serve our homeless veterans and is almost entirely run by volunteers.

School Clothing Closets- Many school districts have their own clothing closets to serve their students. These are a great option to take your children's gently used clothes & shoes.


Friends of the Library- Most libraries have a “Friends of the Library” volunteer organization where you can donate your books and they resell them to benefit various programs within the library.

Little Free Libraries- These cute little free libraries are all over the place and are a great spot to leave books and even take a book.

Elementary Schools- Ask your local elementary school if any classrooms are looking for books for their classroom libraries.

Art & Craft Supplies

Senior Centers- Call your local senior centers to see if they could use any of your craft supplies.

General Household Donations is a great option for donating your household items like small furniture & small kitchen appliances. They also take clothing, books, toys & electronics.

If you are local to the Portland Oregon Metro area I have some area-specific guides just for you! You can grab your local Donate & Recycle Guide HERE!

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