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How To Prepare For A Stress Free Garage Sale

2-4 Weeks Before The Garage Sale

Pick your date & have a plan for rain.

Start gathering items for sale.

Advertise anywhere you can and give sneak peeks of items that’ll be available.

Schedule your donation pick-up now. Nothing from the garage sale should go back into your home.

You can book a pickup through

Start saving plastic bags.

Collect boxes & designate an area to keep everything you are collecting to sell.

Save time by organizing like items together as you collect them from the house.

Have a box for books, toys, household items, electronics, etc.

Arrange to borrow tables (if needed).

Ask family and/or friends to help (if needed).

1 Week Before The Garage Sale

Purchase pricing stickers.

Create signs with the date, time & address of your sale.

Take photos of any big-ticket items to post online.

Advertise your garage sale on social media, Nextdoor, etc.

Pick up borrowed tables, racks, tarps, etc.

Price everything.

Related items can be grouped together and have one sign. Price items to sell.

Make your things desirable by taking the time to clean & wash items.

Dust electronics, wipe down toys & appliances, wash linens & clothes.

Create a freebie box.

Go to the bank to get small bills and coins for change.

Day Before Garage Sale

Put out signs.

Announce again on social media, Nextdoor, etc.

Set up as much as possible the night before.

Keep items easily accessible by having them on a table instead of a blanket or tarp on the ground.

Hang up clothing so it is easier for shoppers to see.

Day Of Garage Sale

Be prepared for early birds, the earlier you are set up the smoother the day will go.

If you are selling electronics have a power source for buyers to test.

Keep your freebie box easily seen & accessible.

Mark down prices towards the end of the day.

After The Garage Sale

Take any remaining sale items to your local donation center.

Remove signs.

Return all borrowed items.

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