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Need a Bin? Purge a Bin.

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

When it comes to decluttering your home the biggest piece of advice I give my clients is to use and repurpose what they already own before purchasing any new organizational products. Organizing your home should not cost you more in money than it does in time. Decluttering especially shouldn’t cost you any more than a trip to your local donation center and/or dump. When my clients work with me it is because they have accumulated too many belongings in their home and they are looking for guidance on the best places to get started and how to tackle the clutter. As they begin the process of letting go of items they’ll find they actually have more empty bins, jars and racks than they’ll know what to do with. My average client will end up purging bins right along with their items because they find they no longer have the need for them.

Organizational products have their place in our homes. I personally utilize various bins, shelves and jars to keep my things tidy. The problem I have with many organizational products is that they can be expensive and they won’t fix your clutter problem. If you have too much in your home, stuffing that too much into a pretty bin with a label doesn’t make the problem go away. Going out to buy another thing to bring into your home isn’t going to help with your spending habit. By taking the time to purge your clutter and repurpose and reuse what you already own you are building new habits for yourself. You’ll learn to value the process of clearing a bin or shelf when you find you need the space. Instead of just packing more and more into your attic, garage and closets, you’ll cultivate the practice of letting go. Decluttering is an ongoing process that most of us won’t ever completely finish. As our families grow and our seasons of life progress we’ll find we are in a continuous cycle of letting go and making room. The goal is to get to the point where decluttering is a natural process for you and your family.

Creating the habit of clearing out a bin, shelf, jar or drawer when you need to give something a home will give you a greater control over your clutter. By taking the time to clear the space when you need it, you won’t have unnecessary stuff taking over your home. Challenge yourself to clear out a bin when you need a bin and see the difference it can have in your home and bank account.

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