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  • Dani Sticka

Morning Practice

The idea of a morning practice isn’t new and if you don’t already have one of your own you probably have seen someone sharing about either their own practice or encouraging you to start one for yourself. Why is it so important? Now, more than ever, we need a rhythm and routine that our body and mind can rely on. We’re no different than our childhood self who needed a routine and schedule. A morning practice, like any new habit, takes some commitment and patience. What you put into your practice and how long you give yourself is highly personal. Please don’t place any judgement on yours or other’s practice. Personally my practice has changed and evolved with my different seasons, my morning routine now looks very different than it did even a year ago. The comparison trap is alive and well in everything we do and it is important that you don’t go down that road. Looking to others for guidance is encouraged but their practice is unique to their needs and yours will reflect the same.

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